How will we unite a Lithuania of 4.000.000 people?

Step One
We’re building a community. Mark where you live on the Global Lithuania Map and let us know where you’ll be singing the National Anthem! Invite other world Lithuanians to do the same and collect points that you can exchange for prizes later!
Step Two
Let’s start networking! We’ll create a space for everyone to converse, exchange messages, and notify others about events that will appear on the Global Lithuania Map so that local Lithuanians can find them! We’ll be launching in the Autumn of 2017!
Step Three
Once we know that there are 4 million of us, we’ll start building a Global Lithuania – together! You can help shape the face of that Global Lithuania as she begins her next 100 years!

LITHUANIA 4.000.000

In 2018, we’re throwing a very special party: Modern Lithuania celebrates 100 years of statehood! All around the world we’ll commemorate it together by singing Lithuania national anthem.

Every Lithuanian deserves to be invited to a celebration like this, so send out an invite to all the Lithuanians you known, especially those living outside Lithuania. And don’t forget to mark your place on the Global Lithuania Map!

This way we’ll finally learn how many Lithuanians there are around the world and, despite the distance between us, we’ll be one click away from one another. By coming together virtually, we’ll truly become a Lithuania without borders, where no one will ask what coat of arms is on your passport and how well you speak Lithuanian. A world in which Lithuania is not a geographic location, but a community, an idea, and a feeling, joined by human contact.

Global Lithuania Map
Mark your spot