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“Tautiška giesmė aplink pasaulį”.

It all started with The Millennium Odyssey. On the 5th of July 2009, the yacht Ambersail LTU 1000 returned to Lithuania, having circumnavigated the globe on a mission to invite the world’s Lithuanians to gather together for the millennial commemoration of the first mention of the name Lithuania. At 9 PM (Vilnius time) on the 6th of July, the international Lithuanian community, scattered around the world, joined together in thoughts and words. They sang the Lithuanian anthem - as one. Since then, Lithuanians from all over the world gather together to sing the national anthem on July 6th at 9 PM, Vilnius time. With the upcoming celebration in 2018 of 100 years of the restored Lithuania state, this idea has transformed into the LITHUANIA 4.000.000 initiative.

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