Rules and Privacy Policy

    1. These rules (hereinafter – the Rules) outline the conditions and procedures for using the internet platform “4 milijonai” (4 Million) (hereinafter – the Platform). The Platform is owned and managed by VšĮ Tomaga, legal entity code 301733229, located at A. Goštauto g. 4-1, Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania, email address [email protected] (hereinafter – the Company). By using the Platform, you (hereinafter – the User) undertake to comply with these Rules. If you have any questions about the content of these Rules or procedures for using the Platform, please contact us.
    2. Prior to using the Platform, you must review these Rules and our Privacy Policy[hyperlink]. The Rules will help you understand the Platform’s usage principles, operational objectives, our obligations to you, and your obligations to us and other users.
    3. For the purposes of these Rules, usage of the Platform includes the performance of any operations by you after logging on to the Platform and using the internet connection. For the purposes of these Rules, services (hereinafter – Services) include any and all operations able to be performed by you on the Platform including, but not limited to, the review of information published on the Platform, and the submission, transmission, and receipt of any type of information and/or data.
    4. By using the Platform, you affirm that: (a) you have read and properly understood the Rules; (b) you agree to the Rules and undertake to comply with them. If the terms of the Rules are unacceptable to you and you do not agree to them, you may not use the Platform. Failure to comply with the Rules may result in limitation of access to the Platform by the User and other applicable sanctions. If you use the Platform after any revision to the Rules, it will be considered that you agree to the revisions and undertake to comply with them.
    5. In addition to these Rules, our interaction with you may also be regulated by provisions applicable under the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. You may review the Rules as many times as necessary and you may also print them or save them on durable media.
    6. The Company shall have the right to revise the Platform and/or Terms at its discretion. We will notify you about revisions via the Platform. If you do not agree with our revisions to the Platform and/or Terms, you must discontinue use of the Platform. If you continue to use the Platform after the revisions, we shall consider that you have reviewed the revisions and have agreed to them.
    1. The Platform may only be used by registered Users. Registration on and use of the Platform shall be free of charge. User registration (hereinafter – Registration) shall be performed by entering your information (hereinafter – Log-In Information) into the Registration Form posted on the Platform or by logging in by other means indicated on the Platform (via social media, etc.). Registration instructions are outlined on the Registration Form.
    2. When registering, Users must:
      1. Submit accurate and complete personal information, including a correct name and surname (if required for Registration and/or the provision of Services) and electronic mail address. Registration may only be performed using one’s own personal information;
      2. Obtain prior permission of additional persons listed on their account who do not use the internet and/or Platform for the purposes of sharing news about organised events (the singing of the National Anthem, etc.) obtained via the Platform. When including an additional person, Users will be able to enter that person’s name, surname, and place of residence. In this case, a User’s profile will display the number of persons added (+1, +2, etc.), but other personal data of such persons will not be accessible to other Platform Users;
      3. Maintain a record of their Log-In Information, update such information with any changes in a timely manner, refrain from transferring such information to third persons, and immediately notify the Company about the loss of any such information. Users shall be held responsible for the actions of any third persons conducted using the User’s Log-In Information and all resulting consequences shall be borne by the User;
      4. Immediately notify the Company by email to [email protected] about possible illegal disclosure or use of Log-In Information. The Company will endeavour to prevent further illegal use of Log-In Information, however it shall not be liable for injury, damages or any inconvenience experienced by the User or third parties, resulting from the disclosure, theft, or illegal use of Log-In Information.
    3. The Company shall have the right to unilaterally delete a User’s Log-In Information, in whole or in part, at any time and at its sole discretion, and without prior notification to the User, and may also delete, revise, or limit other information that the User submits via the Platform by any means and may deny the User access to the Platform or any of its parts.
    4. The Company shall have the right to unilaterally decide on the veracity, completeness and accuracy of Log-In Information submitted by the User. In the event a User submits incorrect, incomplete, inaccurate or falsified information, or information that fails to comply with the Rules and/or laws of the Republic of Lithuania, the Company shall have the right to immediately, and without prior notice, refuse to register the User, delete an already completed Registration, block or edit such information, and/or take any other type of action.
    5. The User consents that the information marked as public and submitted by him/her on the Platform after Registration shall be accessible to all Users (with the exception of certain information which may be identified as limited access by the User) and that the Company shall not be held liable for the use of such information. During Registration, Users may also select the channels by which they receive news and messages from other Users (by electronic mail, via a Facebook account, by text message, etc.) and this information shall also be visible to other Users.
    1. When using the Platform and/or Services, Users must act in accordance with the law and refrain from violating legal requirements or the rights of other persons. Users shall be held liable for any actions when using the Platform and for any resulting consequences, as well as for any information, offers, or agreements (hereinafter – Information) that a User may upload, transmit, and/or receive while using the Platform and/or Services.
    2. Use of the Platform shall be considered a consent to receive various informational notices about technical or functional updates to the Platform, as well as important notifications about the Platform’s operation (such as revisions to the Rules, payment terms, Platform ownership, etc.) The purpose of these notifications is to inform about essential changes to the Platform and they shall not be considered direct marketing offers to the User.
    3. Users of the Platform shall be able to:
      1. Invite other persons to log on to the Platform;
      2. Receive points for new Users they invite and, by collecting such points, attain a higher status on the Platform (these status levels shall indicate a User’s activity but will not provide additional functions on the Platform);
      3. Participate in the Platform incentive system based on the number of points collected;
      4. Exchange collected points for prizes listed on the Platform (paraphernalia, etc.) in accordance with
      5. conditions and procedures established on the Platform;
      6. Acquire paraphernalia available on the Platform according to terms and procedures established on the Platform and support the development of the Platform;
      7. Create events visible on the Platform (on its map and list of events) and invite other Users to such events;
      8. Mark their location on the Platform map;
      9. Use other Services and Platform functions.
    4. When using the Platform and/or Services, Users shall be prohibited to:
      1. Act in such way that causes (or may cause) a risk to the proper functioning of the Platform and/or Services, their security or integrity or that may limit the Company’s ability to properly provide Services and/or the ability of other persons to use the Platform and/or Services;
      2. Act in such a way that may harm any other persons, their property, or legitimate interests, including, but not limited to, illegal or fraudulent transactions;
      3. Store, publish, send, distribute, or transmit in any way any offensive, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, threatening, abusive, discriminatory, or otherwise illegal Information and/or links to such Information, as well as any Information inciting illegal behaviour or giving rise to any legal liability for the Company;
      4. Select and/or use such Log-In Information for registration that may be considered obscene, pornographic, offensive, threatening, abusive, discriminatory, or in violation of legal requirements;
      5. Send by electronic mail or other electronic means or in any other way transmit or send any Information and/or links to Information, the publication and/or use of which is prohibited or restricted under the laws of the Republic of Lithuania;
      6. Send by electronic mail or other electronic means or in any other way transmit or send any Information and/or links to Information with the purpose of influencing, or with the understanding that it may influence, the operation of computer networks or the computer equipment of computer network owners;
      7. Distribute malicious software or any other undesirable electronic mail, notifications, messages, or other Information;
      8. Impersonate any other person or party including, but not limited to, Company employees, representatives, or otherwise make misleading representations about a User’s ties with any other persons;
      9. Violate personal rights to intellectual property, including material copyright, patent, commercial, or industrial secrets or trademark rights;
      10. Use any kind of automated measures, including, but not limited to, supplemental computerised equipment and/or software to improve the results of games and/or contests organised on the Platform.
      11. Unilaterally organise self-generated contests or promote any type of products and/or services or to use the Platform for commercial or direct marketing purposes and/or provide such a capability to third parties;
      12. Copy Platform content, remove copyright or trademarks from any Platform content copies, create electronic or manually created data bases based on Platform content, upload Platform content on other websites, or alter content on a document downloaded from the Platform;
      13. Gather, collect, transfer to other media, publicise, publish or distribute the information of other Users or information about the activity of any Platform Users;
      14. Publish information mentioning persons directly or indirectly competing with the Company or the products and/or services of such persons as well as links to such persons and/or products.
    5. By using the Platform and/or Services, a User affirms that he/she
      1. Is an individual with full legal capacity;
      2. Shall properly execute his/her obligations as stipulated in the Rules;
      3. Understands that, by taking advantage of paid offers present on the Platform, he/she may become obligated to pay for products and/or services acquired and execute any obligations arising from the use of such offers;
      4. Understands and consents that, in the event Log-In Information is disclosed to third parties, such third parties may undertake obligations that become binding on the User and undertakes to accept and properly execute such obligations, and the Company shall not be required in any way to verify a User’s identity, with the exception of verifying a User’s name and password;
      5. Understands and agrees to permit the Company to process and manage User personal information in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania and privacy policy provisions.
    6. In the event of a violation of the Rules by a User, the Company shall have the right to restrict, at any time, a User’s ability to use, in whole or in part, the Platform and/or Services. Users are hereby notified that the Company shall solely decide on Rule violations and they hereby undertake to comply with Company decisions.
    7. Users shall have the right to refuse to use the Platform at any time by deleting their Log-In Information as stipulated on the Platform.
    8. Upon deletion of a User’s registration for any reason (including the deletion of a Registration by a User), such User shall no longer have the ability to use the Platform and the Information contained on his/her Registration account shall be deleted.
    1. The User understands and agrees that the Platform operates on the principle of “as is” and “as available” and that Users use the Platform at their own discretion and self-assumed risk. The Company is not and shall not be liable for Platform content discrepancies, or inaccurate or erroneous information and any resulting negative consequences for the User and/or third parties.
    2. The Company shall not be liable for operational disruption or disturbances in the Platform and/or Services (internet connection provision, any type of computer pirating activity, damage, viruses, etc.) or losses resulting from the use of the Platform, including, but not limited to, interruptions due to system failures, internet attacks, scheduled or unscheduled maintenance. The Company shall not be liable for any resulting losses or damages incurred by the User or third parties. The Company does not guarantee that the Platform (or downloaded files) is virus-free. Users must use their own precautionary measures and ensure their own security.
    3. The Company shall also not be liable for any User action or inaction associated with a User’s use of the Platform and/or Services and compliance with these Rules. Users shall be fully liable for any type of compensation for losses or damages that may result while Users or third parties use the Platform and/or Services in any way.
    4. The Company shall have the right to revise, suspend, remove, or prohibit access to the Platform and/or Services and/or Information, at any time and without prior notice. In any event, the Company may restrict the use of and/or access to the Platform, any Services, functions or Information, without prior notice and without consequence. The Company shall have the right to change, at any time, the Platform type and format, the amount and quality of services and other functions, indicators, etc.
    5. The Company may establish a fee for its Services, or a portion thereof, however the provision of such Services shall require the clear consent of the User. In addition, to prevent any unintended use of paid services, such provision of services to a User shall be restricted until the clear expression of a User’s intent (submission of a request, etc.) is obtained.
    6. The Company shall not be liable for damage and/or losses that may be incurred by the User while using the Platform and/or Services, regardless if such damage or loss, or the possibility thereof, was reported to the Company. By using the Platform and/or Services, the User agrees that such a restriction shall apply to all means of using of the Platform, Services and content. If the Company’s liability for incurred damages may not be limited under applicable law and the Company’s liability may not be waived, the Company’s liability to the User and/or third parties arising from these Results shall not exceed 15 (fifteen) euros.
    7. The User and the Company shall be exempt from liability for any default on obligations or improper execution of obligations due to force majeure, in accordance with procedures established by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.
    1. Links to other websites may be posted on the Platform. The Company shall not be responsible for the content or effect of such websites. Such links shall be submitted for the convenience of the User. Exiting the Platform to enter or view other websites shall be done by the User at his/her own risk.
    2. These Rules shall be not applicable to third party websites. In each instance, Users must assess the security and terms of use for accessing third party websites as well as the obligations arising from such use. The Company suggests that Users review the usage rules and privacy policy of third party websites prior to using such sites. The Company shall not assume any responsibility for any damages or losses that may arise from transactions undertaken while using such websites.
    1. All rights to the Platform and any product contained on it, including copyrighted material, industrial intellectual property, company names, know-how, and commercial and industrial secrets shall be protected. No content or other information present on the Platform may be reproduced, made publicly accessible, or distributed without the Company’s prior written consent.
    2. All trademarks submitted to the Platform shall be the property of the Company or under legal use by the Company.
    1. The Company may, without prior notice to the User:
      1. Change the Platform and/or Services (or parts thereof), all content or parts thereof, Platform functions, and any Information, including that submitted by the User. The Company shall not be held responsible for any negative consequences arising for the User as a result of such or similar actions;
      2. Restrict or suspend a User’s ability to access the Platform and/or use of Services provided by the Platform for an unlimited period and without specifying a reason;
      3. Restrict or suspend access to the Platform and/or provision of Services for an unlimited period for the purposes of preventive maintenance. Users may be informed of such an event via a general notification published on the Platform;
      4. Completely discontinue the operation of the Platform.
    2. 7.2. The Company shall have the right, at its sole discretion, to restrict or suspend a User’s right or ability to use the Platform and/or Services, including, but not limited to, changing or deleting any Information submitted by the User to the Platform, removing a User’s Log-In Information and prohibiting such User’s ability to renew registration on the Platform, or the blocking of a specific IP address if:
      1. a User violates these Rules and/or fails to fulfil his/her obligations;
      2. a User submits incorrect, incomplete, and/or misleading information when registering with or using the Platform and/or Services;
      3. a User deliberately and knowingly submits false or incorrect information on the Platform, insults other persons or behaves in any other improper manner in the opinion of the Company;
      4. the Company believes that such action is required for ongoing technical maintenance and/or Platform updating;
      5. such action is required by competent government institutions or if such action is required in instances provided for by the laws and other regulations of the Republic of Lithuania;
      6. such action is necessary to protect the rights and legitimate interests of the Company or third parties;
      7. the Company suspects that the User poses, or will pose, a threat to the security of other Platform users;
      8. the user causes damage to the Company, including, but not limited to, the good name and/or reputation of the Company;
      9. the Company finds that actions of the User or the Information stored, posted, transmitted, or distributed on the Platform by such User are in violation of Rule provisions, applicable law, or if they contravene proper morals;
      10. in other instances stipulated under the Rules.
    3. The Company shall have the right (but not the obligation) to monitor the actions of a User on the Platform at any time, including monitoring of a User’s Information. The Information received and transmitted by a User may be reviewed at the Company’s discretion to detect Information considered undesirable by the Company, and in the event such Information is found, it may be removed and any kind of transmission of such Information may be blocked. The Company shall not, however, control the Information of other users or third parties which the User may receive, read, or otherwise review when using the Platform and/or Services, therefore the Company shall not guarantee the accuracy, integrity, and/or quality of such Information and shall not protect the User from defamatory, obscene, or other Information that may negatively affect the User. The Company shall have the right to examine any Rule violations using all legitimate measures.
    4. The Company shall also have the right to delete a User account at its discretion if such a User has been given at least one warning concerning Rule violations. Users shall have the right to submit a complaint concerning a decision to delete an account by sending an electronic letter to the address listed in the contacts section on the Platform. The Company’s decision to delete an account shall be final.
    5. The Company may employ third persons for any action associated with these Rules without separate notice to the User, and may also transfer its rights and obligations arising from these Rules, or a portion thereof, to third parties.
    1. User personal data shall be collected, submitted, and processed in accordance with the requirements of the laws of the Republic of Lithuania and the Platform Privacy Policy.
    1. The Company shall transmit all notifications, requirements, requests, and other messages to Users to the electronic mail address indicated in their Log-In Information, as well as to User social media chat (message) channels, or by any other means by which Users may be contacted, in accordance with the method selected by Users at Registration. All information transmitted to Users according to these Rules shall be considered received by the User within 3 (three) hours after transmission.
    2. The Company shall not be held liable for any disruption to internet connections, electronic mail service provider networks, or other disruptions as a result of which a User fails to receive informational or confirmation electronic mail from the Company. The existence on the Company server (on a data base or other corresponding device for information storage) of a copy of electronic mail or other type of notification addressed to a User shall be considered sufficient proof of the transmission of information to the User.
    3. All notifications, requirements, requests, and other questions may be sent by the User to the email address [email protected] or to the contact addresses indicated on the Platform.
    1. These Rules shall come into effect from the moment that a User affirms his/her consent to them and shall be valid for the entire period of interaction between the User and the Company.
    2. The Company shall have the right to unilaterally amend the Rules. Rule amendments shall come into effect the next day after their publication on the Platform. By using the Platform and/or Services after the entry into force of Rule amendments, a User affirms that he/she has reviewed the amendments and fully consents to them.
    3. These Rules shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.
    4. Any disputes arising between the Company and a User concerning the execution of these Rules shall be resolved through negotiation. If the parties fail to resolve a dispute by negotiation within 15 (fifteen) days from the date when one party has presented a request to the other to resolve such a dispute, that dispute will be finally resolved in a court assigned according to the main address of the Company and in accordance with procedures established by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.
    5. Users must first submit a request or complaint concerning Platform activity in writing to the Company with an explanation of their requirements. Such communications should be sent to the email address [email protected] In the event a User disagrees with the Company’s response, that User may contact the State Consumer Rights Protection Authority via its website or complete a form on the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform at Litigated disputes shall be examined in accordance with procedures established by law.

This Privacy Policy establishes the main principles for personal data collection, processing, and storage adhered to by VšĮ Tomaga, legal entity code 301733229, registered at A. Goštauto g. 4-1, Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania (hereinafter – the Company) in the processing of personal data for use on the 4 Million platform (hereinafter – the Platform).

During your use of the Platform (hereinafter you may be referred to as the User), the Company shall:

  • Collect, process and store your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy, the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania, and other legislation;
  • Process your personal data accurately and honestly, to the extent necessary for the functioning of the Platform and the protection of your rights and legitimate interests.

The Platform may only be used by registered users. Prior to registering, you must familiarize yourself with this Privacy Policy. If you find the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy to be unacceptable and you refuse to consent to them, you should not register with the Platform or, if you have already registered, you should cancel your registration.

If you register with the Platform, we will assume that:

  • You have read the Privacy Policy and agree with its terms;
  • You agree to provide your personal data to the Company and do not object to our processing of such data for the purposes established in the Privacy Policy and by law (except for instances requiring your additional consent for the processing of specific data)


  1. The Company shall have the right to organize and process the personal data (hereinafter – Personal Data) provided by the User while using the Platform or obtained by the Company by other means. The Company shall collect and store Personal Data by electronic means and, as necessary, shall provide extracts of such Personal Data in other formats.
  2. The Company shall collect and manage the Personal Data provided by you:
    1. To ensure proper delivery of services to you;
    2. For your registration and identification;
    3. For Platform data base administration purposes;
    4. To send newsletters and promotional games, quizzes, contests, etc.;
    5. For Platform operation and statistical purposes.
  3. You may be requested to provide your first name, surname and email address. After registering with the Platform, you may also choose to provide your telephone number, photograph and place of residence. The Company will receive your Personal Data directly from you. When registering, you must provide accurate registration data.
  4. If you register using your Gmail or Facebook account, your Gmail or Facebook account information may be displayed on the Platform.
  5. The Company may use data not directly associated with the User for statistical purposes or data about the Platform and its operation (for example, total visits to the Platform, total number of registered users, popular activity, etc.). Such statistical data shall be collected and processed in such a way as to prevent the disclosure of a User’s identity or other personal data that might allow determination of a User’s identity.
  6. Data may only be transferred to third parties in accordance with procedures established by law and after obtaining the necessary consent, if required, from the User.
  7. By providing personal data you:
    1. Grant the Company the right to manage and process your Personal Data as provided for in this Privacy Policy. You may withdraw your consent at any time and you may also cancel your registration on the Platform at any time.
    2. You affirm that you have voluntarily provided your Personal Data and that you consent to the Company storing and processing your data by electronic means on the Platform data base for 5 (five) years from your last login on the Platform;
    3. You have provided the Personal Data of third persons (e.g. relatives, etc.) with the consent of those third persons and you affirm that you are personally responsible for any data for such third persons;
    4. You consent that Platform users may view the Personal Contact Data provided by you and that such data may be reviewed, copied and used to contact the User in accordance with procedures established on the Platform.
  8. In managing User Personal Data, the Company:
    1. Shall use Personal Data to provide Platform services, develop the Platform and its functionality, personalization, as well as submit suggestions to improve the Platform and present direct marketing offers;
    2. Shall not disclose Personal Data or provide them to third parties, except when provided for by this Privacy Policy or by law;
    3. May provide Personal Data to persons administering User debts (if the User uses payment services and fails to properly settle them) as well as to third parties engaging in the collection and publication of debtor information and who then obtain the right to manage and administer such Personal Data and publicize them.
  9. When a User registers with and logs into the Platform, the system shall record the User’s computer IP address and the date and time of login.


  1. Company news notifications are meant to inform you about Platform news (improvements, ongoing events, promotions, etc.) and about promotional events announced by the Company, its ongoing events, news and updated services.
  2. Notifications will be sent to you only after obtaining your consent or your non-objection during data collection to the transmission of such information. You shall have the right to change the terms of notification transmission at any time or cancel it entirely. In such an event, the Company shall no longer process your data for this purpose.
  3. By subscribing to notifications, you permit the Company to process the personal data provided by you for the purposes of direct marketing and the transmission of direct marketing offers of its partners. The Company undertakes not to transfer to third parties the personal data you provided when subscribing to notifications, except for the provision of information required for sending notifications to the company administering the transmission of Company news.
  4. The following personal User data may be administered for the purposes of sending notifications and direct marketing: name, email address, social media profile contact information. When organizing games and promotional events, the Company may process data confirming the fulfilment of terms required to participate in such a game or promotional event, to the extent it is related to participation in that promotional event or the right to participate in the game.
  5. By granting the right to administer data for the purposes of news distribution, you grant permission to provide you with information and promotional material from the Company to the email address or social media account contacts (such as via a social media messaging network) provided by you.
  6. Upon receipt of your Personal Contact Data, the Company may use such data without your express permission for the purpose of distributing its own news and for marketing conducted by the Company if you did not object to the provision of such information at the time of data submission. You may refuse Company news and offers at any time.
  7. You shall have the right not to consent to the distribution of Company news and/or direct marketing offers and refuse news distribution and/or direct marketing offers: by clicking the appropriate link on a notification or email notice and informing the Company about your objection by email to [email protected], or by calling the telephone number listed in the Company contact information. The Company shall endeavour to discontinue the use of User data for the purposes of direct marketing as quickly as possible, but no later than within 5 (five) business days.
  8. If you provide personal data using a social network or other internet service (Facebook, etc.), you consent that Company offers may be sent to you at the email address provided on such social media. You may refuse such offers in accordance with procedures established in this Privacy Policy.
  9. User data processed for the purposes of notification distribution and direct marketing shall be stored on the Platform data base for no longer than 5 (five) years from the User’s last account login. Personal data shall be administered for the purposes of promotional events (direct marketing games, quizzes, contests) for no longer than 1 (one) year after the publication of the event results or winners.


  1. You shall have the right to change and/or update the information provided on the registration form, or delete your registration, at any time. In this case, the User account will be deleted and registration data erased.
  2. Upon providing a document confirming your identity to the Company, or confirming your identity by a means approved by law or by electronic communications that permit proper personal identification, you shall have the right to review your personal data being processed by the Company and learn how they are being processed, request a correction, delate your personal data or terminate the processing of your personal data when data are being processed in violation of legal provisions, and to object to the processing of your personal data.
  3. You shall have the right to object to the processing of your personal data and to refuse to provide your personal data. We note, however, that Personal Data may be necessary and required to definitively identity you for the purposes of using the Platform and that, by failing to provide personal data and/or refusing to permit the processing of such data for the purposes indicated in the Privacy Policy, you may be unable to properly use the Platform.
  4. All requests to the Company related to your Personal Data must be submitted in writing (including any notification to the general email or client services division email address listed in the Platform contacts). The Company shall endeavour to respond to such requests as quickly as possible, but no later than within 30 (thirty) days from the receipt of the request and all necessary documents. Responses will be provided in a manner acceptable to you. Responses will be provided to you free of charge 1 (one) time per calendar year. The Company shall not provide personal data if you fail to confirm your own identity or if you request data about another person, as well as in instances provided by law that limit the disclosure of data to the User.


  1. Small data files called cookies may be saved on your computer or mobile device to ensure proper functioning of the Platform. This is also done by most large internet websites.
  2. A cookie is a small data file that the Platform saves on your computer or mobile device when you visit the Platform. In this way, the Platform may “remember” your actions and choices (ex. your registration name, language, your browser font size, and other display options) for a given period.
  3. Cookies allow an internet website to function more effectively and improve its services and, in addition, provide information to site administrators for statistical and promotional purposes. The Company uses cookies so that it may provide and ensure the high quality and effectiveness of Platform services, monitor User visit habits, and keep track of statistics such as the number of visitors, visit flows, etc. (statistics not be associated with a User’s personal information). Cookie information may consist of data about how a User uses the Platform, his/her IP address, browser type, demographic data and whether the User arrived at the Platform via a third-party website – via a URL link. If the User is a registered user, this may also include data about the User’s user name and email address that may be processed when registering on the server. Without violating legal provisions, the Company may combine information received using cookies with information obtained about a person by other means, e.g. information about use of services.
  4. You may also receive cookies from the promotional display system used on the Platform.
  5. The Platform may use different types of cookies or similar technologies, each of which has a specific function such as: (i) technical cookies that are required for the platform to function, (ii) functional cookies that permit the retention of User options, (iii) analytical cookies for the monitoring of Platform statistical information, (iv) targeted promotional cookies for the display of targeted promotional content, (v) third-party cookies for the display of third-party content, (vi) social media cookies that permit the use of Platform content via a social media account.
  6. You consent to the use of cookies the first time you complete registration on the Platform, by not deleting or altering the cookies saved on your browser, as well as by clicking the “I agree” tag provided on the Platform information bar. User consent for cookie use shall be valid for 1 (one) year.
  7. You may reject the use of cookies and withdraw your consent to block or remove them from your computer by altering your browser data (by deleting cookies, opting for private browsing, etc.), as well as during registration. To remove cookies from a mobile telephone or other mobile device you will need to follow user instructions provided for the telephone or telephone application. Please note, however, that, in some instances, the disabling of cookies, or rejecting or deleting cookies may slow internet browsing speed, limit the operation of certain internet website functions, or block access to the Platform.
  8. Detailed independent information about cookies, their use, and options to refuse cookies is also provided at the website or at
  9. The Platform uses the following cookies:
Cookie name Data processing purpose Creation time Validity period Data utilized
PHPSESSID Session support At each query Session identifier Sesijos identifikatorius
_ga Google Analytics - - -
hl Saugoti pasirinktos lokalės kodą Saving the selected location code 365 days Location code

If third-party cookies are used by the Platform, such parties may collect both anonymous and personal information about you for promotional purposes, and they may also use session cookies as well as permanent cookies valid for a certain period. You can learn more about third-party cookies and privacy policy by reviewing the privacy policy of the specific third party. The Company does not control the activities of third parties and therefore you are responsible for independently learning about the cookies and information used and collected by third parties. You can remove third-party cookies according to instructions provided by the third parties.


  1. In the processing and storage of your personal data, the Company shall take all measures to protect personal data from accidental or illegal destruction, alteration, and disclosure, as well as from any type of illegal processing. However, you must also concern yourself about the security and/or secrecy of your own data, particularly when this concerns disclosure to third parties. Parents or guardians of minors shall be held responsible for the secrecy and security of activities and/or data of such minors.
  2. To process your Personal Data, the Company shall implement the necessary organizational and technical measures to ensure security and that may assist in protecting your Personal Data from accidental or illegal destruction, alteration, and disclosure, as well as from any type of illegal processing. The Company’s security assurance activities shall include, inter alia, the security of personnel, information, IT infrastructure, internal and public networks, as well as office buildings and technical equipment.
  3. The Company employs software and other measures to protect the registration data of all Users. User registration data may only be accessed by authorized persons.
  4. The Company shall only protect Personal Data to the extent required for the execution of objectives contained in the Privacy Policy and/or other Platform documents. Personal Data shall be deleted after no more than 5 (five) years from the date of last account login or upon deletion of an account by the User. The Company shall not seek to store old or irrelevant User Personal Data, therefore upon any update of such data (for example, when a User modifies or changes information on his/her account, etc.) only the current User information shall be saved.
  5. Correspondence with Users shall be stored for no more than 1 (one) year from the date of correspondence. Data for the purposes of directed marketing shall be stored for no more than 5 (five) years from the last User login, unless a longer storage period is established or permitted by law.


  1. Queries, claims or other information concerning this Privacy Policy and processed personal data must be submitted in writing to: Postal address: A. Goštauto g. 4-1, Vilnius, Lithuania Email: [email protected] 
  2. Queries, claims and other information must be presented in a manner that permits the Company to identify the User to the extent required to prepare a response and transmit that response to the User.


  1. The Company shall have the right to amend this Privacy Policy, in whole or in part, by notification on the Platform.
  2. Additions or amendments to the Privacy Policy shall be valid from the date of their publication, i.e. from the date of inclusion on the Platform.
  3. If you use the Platform after the publication of amendments to the Privacy Policy, it shall be considered that you consent to all said amendments. If a User objects to the amended content of the Privacy Policy, such User shall lose the right to use the Platform.